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Montessori is a scientifically developed non-religious educational system used in over 22,000 schools and educational centres world-wide. Developed by Maria Montessori, the system is based on a deep understanding of child development from birth to adulthood.

Unlike most schools, Montessori provides a consistent educational methodology which is applied throughout the toddler and school years. This leads to more self-reliant and motivated students better equipped for a positive life experience.

Montessori education began in Australia over 100 years ago. Recent research and scientific opinion has supported the superior educational outcomes offered by Montessori Schools. Montessori better equips its student for our modern world of change and innovation. The founders of Google, Wikipedia and Amazon have Montessori educational backgrounds.

Inspiring our children to create a better world with their own two hands.

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  1. Discover Montessori Education
  2. Discover Melbourne Montessori School
  3. Why is Montessori Different?
  4. The Classroom Approach
  5. Maria Montressori Story
  6. Educational Research on Montessori
  7. School Tour
  8. Starting Early - 3 Year Olds
  9. Available Places, Fees and Conditions
  10. Scientific View of Montessori

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Inside Melbourne Montessori

See inside a Melbourne Montessori School classroom and learn about Montessori from our principal, Gay Wales.

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We are now taking enrolments for the 2016 school year. Enrolments for Cycle One 2015 closed on 29th August 2014. It's important to enrol early so you don't miss out.

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